About Me

Hello, my name is Riti Bhatwal. I’m a software engineer – and I love making games!
My passion is solving technical problems in order to bring video games to life. Like any programmer, the work I’ve done has involved me solving many, many logical problems – to me, instead of seeing those pesky little bugs as annoyances, I consider every single one of those that I’ve debugged and fixed a fun journey worth cherishing. I have an enthusiasm for working with all the interconnected layers of technology that go into a video game, and a particular fondness for working with game physics and graphics.

Despite my love for creating game technology, I think there’s more to game development than technical skill. As someone who’s worked on four different game teams during my time as a student at DigiPen, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the power of teamwork. It’s about taking the effort to communicate so that people from different disciplines can work together to create something based on a shared vision. It’s been incredibly humbling to get to play a part in something bigger than myself with all the games we’ve worked on and learnt from together. That particular emotion hit me quite hard when I worked on Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft as an intern. As someone coming from a humble student-team background, the huge scope of the popular MMORPG game blew my mind and I thought it was incredible that I had the chance to leave a mark on it.

Before I started studying computer science as a college student, I’d been dabbling in making games since I was a middle schooler, because as a kid, I couldn’t stop wondering about how the magical worlds inside my game console worked. Those small first steps (which involved me making a spaceshooter , a car chaser and a rhythm based game) became games that I published to the android playstore. Even though those little apps were far from the best or the most popular, the experience of making them excited me beyond words. It helped me find a whole new part of myself. It didn’t take me too long to realize that this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, so I eagerly decided to pursue computer science at DigiPen Institute of Technology to learn more about the craft.