Forgotten Woods



For this project, I developed a game on a team with 8 other students, six of us being programmers. We made our own 2D engine for the game, using OpenGL for rendering.

For us coders, one of this project’s most important tasks was supporting the technical needs of the art team. Me and some of the artists on the team had a regular back and forth, figuring out ways to put art assets into the game – it was so rewarding to see the game’s beautiful environment come to life as a result of the collaboration.

– I programmed all of the game’s platforming physics and collisions. This included logic that allows the player to push around their frozen enemies and stack them onto each other. Additionally, I also implemented Separating Axis Theorem for handling collisions on non axis aligned objects – that’s how we got rotating platforms to work!

– I created a pipeline for level designers and artists to put their assets into the engine, by making a level loader that reads json files generated from TILED

– Along with a tech team of 5 other people, I developed a custom game engine, in C++, based on Component-System (CS). A big part of what I did was making all the systems in the engine talk to each other – the animations, the gameplay behaviors and the game object management all needed to interact, so I made that work.

– I engineered a particle system that was used for VFX. The game uses it for generating the clouds and the sparkles coming off the ice projectiles.

– I wrote shaders to create the lighting effects and to debug draw

– I peer programmed with teammates to debug animations and behaviors in the engine