Graphics Programming Internship

MAY 2023 – AUGUST 2023

In the summer of 2023, I had the incredible privilege of working as a graphics programmer on the core engine team of World of Warcraft in Irvine, California. During my internship:

– I used HLSL shader code, C++ and debugged my code using renderdoc to handle the challenge of working on a legacy engine. I made the game’s environment more responsive to the wind, making certain aspects of it more alive as the artists had requested.

– I applied 3D math skills to work with different areas of the viewing pipeline, and to generate visually appealing noise. I implemented the effect on the shadow maps as well.

– I collaborated with the engineers on the team in order to work with the custom systems in place. The code base was large and existed for many years, so it was vital for me to communicate in order to figure out how to work with it.

– On some occasions I even pair programmed with my mentor and learnt from the code review feedback in a professional setting.

– I communicated with the environmental art team lead in order to meet their needs. In the end, they reacted positively to what I’d created.

Getting to work on such a popular video game felt surreal. Some day, while playing the game, I look forward to noticing that my changes finally made it through the pipeline and into the released build!